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Study Spaces for Kids

Whether your child attends school remotely all day or just needs a spot for doing homework, a proper workspace will help them stay focused, learn, and keep a positive attitude as they study. If your student has been working from the couch or the kitchen table, it’s time to create a designated study space that aligns with their needs. Read on to get some ideas for creating the perfect kid’s study space in your home.

Traditional custom desk

Custom Desks

When we think of study spaces, desks are usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, many don’t realize that they can create a custom desk that is designed specifically for their space and their child. Whether the desk is for the den, a sitting room, or your child’s bedroom, you can customize the size so it fits perfectly in the room while giving your child all the writing space they need. 

You can also customize the storage space in and around your desk to make sure your child has all the room they need to store their items and never loses their homework and supplies. For example, if your child struggles with organization, create a storage system that utilizes shelving and a pegboard so the items they use most frequently are easy to spot.

Kitchen Study Spaces

If you don’t have space for a traditional desk or you want your child to study in a more central area so you can keep an eye on them, one great option is adding a small built-in desk to your kitchen cabinets. If you already have a command center you don’t really use in your kitchen, it’s easy to convert this area into a study space. If possible, add or repurpose storage space that can be used just for your child’s school needs.

Closet Study Spaces

Another great space saving option is converting a closet you don’t use much into a small study room for your child. A shelf that spans the width of the closet can serve as the desk and you can add additional shelves or other forms of storage as needed. When your child needs to study, the door stays open and the closet serves as an alcove workspace. Afterwards, they can close the door so homework stays out of sight and out of mind when it’s time to relax.

If you’re interested in learning more about workspace options for kids, contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte today for a free in-home consultation. We’ll work with you to create the perfect custom study space and storage solutions for your child and your home.