Summer sports are in full swing. From minor sports leagues to swim meets to just-for-fun competitions, people of all ages are getting out in the great weather to enjoy baseball, football, field hockey, swimming, rafting, tennis, golf, racquetball, and other types of summer sports.

When it comes to sports equipment, it’s vital to perform maintenance and provide safe storage for your items. Not only does it help keep your home and garage organized, caring for the equipment prevents possible cracks, loose straps, and other damage that could cause dangerous situations if the equipment is used. Here are some tips for summer sports equipment care and storage.

Inspect Equipment

Always inspect your sports equipment before and after use. Checking the sports equipment before playing with it allows you to catch issues that may have arisen while it was stored during the long winter. After you are finished playing with the equipment, it should be checked again for any cracks, chips or worn spots. Immediately repair any equipment or replace equipment if it is beyond repair.

Clean Equipment

Cleaning should be done for all types of sports equipment materials including metal, wood, and plastic composites. If the equipment can be placed in the washing machine, this will speed up the task. Other equipment should be washed off using mild soap and a soft cloth.

One of the most important aspects of cleaning sports equipment is to get it completely dry. Overly wet equipment can begin to rust or become damaged due to the soaked-in water. In addition, fabrics that stay wet for long periods can develop musty and mildewy odors that linger when placed into storage. When drying equipment, hang it in a place that offers plenty of circulating air flow.

Proper Storage Options

To select the right storage option, consider the size dimensions of your summer equipment. You want to provide storage that will offer a safe environment for the equipment without letting it get banged about by other items that may be taken from the storage cabinet.

Storage bins, baskets and containers are suitable for sports balls, while peg boards and hooks allow rackets, bikes, hockey sticks and golf clubs to hang or rest along walls. Items such as helmets and shoulder pads may rest on shelves or in cabinets. A home organization expert, such as Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, can provide storage ideas for summer equipment based on the space available in your home.

Cleaning, inspecting, and storing your sports equipment can help it last for many years. These tasks can also minimize repair costs. For more custom storage ideas for sports equipment, contact our design team.