If you’re an active crafter, then having a dedicated crafting room or station is a wonderful addition to your home that adds fun and functionality. But not all crafting hobbies are the same. A cookie cutter desk or shelving unit won’t necessarily fulfill the vision you have for this space. A model plane hobbyist will likely need a very different setup than a knitter, for example.

Your crafting area becomes so much more personalized and useful when you customize it based on what you want to achieve. Here are some tips for picking out the most important features to include in your craft room.

Pick Useful Accessories and Add-ons

The first thing you may want to think about for your crafting space design is what kind of accessories and tools you will need to have readily available. If you enjoy sewing, you will need your sewing machine, of course. You probably also want to have a large chair-height surface to work on. Would a traditional desk be more suitable, or perhaps a separate work table that is a bit like a kitchen island? You could cover the top of the table with a grid cutting mat to make measuring and trimming fabric a breeze.

Some useful accessories for a scrapbooker or paper artist might be wall-mounted paper holders, hooks to hang scissors and other tools, and a desk organizer to hold supplies.

Think also of what kind of lighting you may need. Ceiling light fixtures may be just fine, but some craft stations can have built-in lighting. Perhaps a lighted ring magnifying glass would be perfect for a miniature model maker. Any electronic tools or accessories may require extra outlets around the craft station.     

Think Of Storage Needs

Next, you will want to consider what kind of storage will be required for all of your materials. This will be essential for creating a well-organized, aesthetic space that looks great when not being used.

For smaller items that you want easy access to, pegboard, cork or slatwall panels are the perfect solution. Put them on the inner wall of cabinets or right above a desk. Use these to hang supplies like spools of thread, scissors, paintbrushes and more. Rolling carts and storage cubes can provided portable storage around the room.

Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte can help design fully customized cabinetry and shelving units to store anything you may need for your crafting hobby. Ask us about standalone cubbies, sliding shelves and other unique storage ideas.