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Optimize Your Entertainment Center For Your Video Game Collection

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If you’re a gamer enthusiast, you’ll know collecting and displaying your hobby can easily become a headache. Consoles, controllers, and game collections can start out small but add up over time as unnecessary living room clutter. Now is the perfect time to get your games sorted and ready for effortless access for gaming sessions. Our reputable experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte will solve this problem with our customized storage solutions for your gaming needs.  

Displaying And Protecting Your Collection

Over the past few decades, gaming systems have taken over entertainment centers. Popular new consoles from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo keep growing in size. Shelf space is valuable real estate in your living room. Consoles don’t come in just one size. Some are really big and clunky, like the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Others, like the Nintendo Switch, are small and compact. Having the right space is essential for displaying and protecting your tech.

Not all game consoles fit traditional shelving and can cause a headache for you. When spaces are tight, consoles build up heat from improper air circulation. For console longevity, they need proper ventilation and space. If systems can’t vent warm air, they’ll deteriorate over time and build up dust. Custom shelf sizes will benefit your consoles and safeguard them for years to come.

Storage For Games And Accessories

You can make the best of your entertainment center with the proper organization for those hundreds of games and dozens of controllers. Let’s be real, game cases and accessories take up needed space on your shelves and are also easy to knock off and damage. It’s better to use that space to display artwork or collectibles.

Rather than having your game boxes pile up around your precious shelf space, have pull-out drawers to protect them and organize them for ease of access. Don’t let your controllers and cables get in the way either. You can stow them away in covered cabinets when not in use. Have the right available storage solutions so you won’t have to choose between clutter and functionality.

Are You Ready Gamer?

If you’re ready to start designing your ultimate entertainment center for gaming, schedule a free consultation with Closet & Storage Concepts today. Creating a custom entertainment center with us, so we can completely transform your Charlotte home! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your options or build process.

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