Attics are becoming less and less common in new houses, but if your home happens to have one you’re in luck. Although the image of attics typically coincides with a dusty, dark crawl space, they can provide much needed extra space in your home. With a little renovation, you can transform your attic into a bonus room, reading nook or an extensive storage area. Below we’ve outlined some ideas for how to best utilize an attic space, as well as things to keep in mind.

Decide How To Use Your Attic

There are many possibilities when it comes to creating a usable space in your attic. The first step is to determine what purpose you want the room to serve. One common use for a renovated attic is as an extra bedroom. This could be a cool, quirky bedroom for a teen or a unique guest bedroom for hosting company. Another idea would be to create a quiet craft room for enjoying hobbies, like knitting or painting. If you really just need some extra space to store things, an attic can provide a large storage area that is low maintenance and out of the way. Once you know how you want to use your attic, you can make a plan to turn your vision into a reality. 

Make Needed Adjustments

Depending on what you intend to use your attic space for, there will probably need to be some changes and adjustments. For example, if you will use the attic as an extra bedroom, you may need to reinforce the flooring so that it can support the extra weight of furniture and people. More insulation may be needed to keep the space warm in the winter, and new ventilation to keep it cool in the summer. Decide if you will want the attic to have temperature control and see if it is possible to route heat and A/C up to the room. Most attics don’t have a lot of natural light to start out with, so consider installing a skylight or other windows to brighten up the space. 

Create Storage Space

Whether you will use your attic only to keep things in or as an additional room, you can’t go wrong with a bit of dedicated storage in this area. You can create a full storage system of cabinets, shelves, and any other type of storage you may require. It may also be easier to transfer smaller storage bins and cubes up into the attic for organization. Be sure that the temperature conditions are right for whatever you would like to store in the attic. If it is too warm, cold or humid up there, it might not be ideal for storing certain items.

Not everyone thinks of the attic as a usable space, but it can serve all different types of purposes. The key to creating a great attic is to utilize the available area to maximize functionality and storage. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we’d love to help you convert your attic with built-in storage systems, cabinets, closets and more. We proudly serve North and South Carolina.

Image credit: northlightimages