Very few tasks can feel as daunting as cleaning out the garage. For many people, it becomes the default storage space for anything that doesn’t quite have a place. This results in a cluttered, overwhelming job that gets put off for far too long. To help combat this, we have rounded up a step-by-step list on how to dive into your garage clean out and get organized for good! 

Step 1: Section + Sort

The first part is to know what needs to stay in the first place. Too often, the garage gets loaded up with items we don’t even remember having until we begin going through everything. Start with just one section of the room at a time, and decide what to do with each item. Choose between giving away, throwing away, selling or keeping. Place these items in labelled boxes or baskets outside the garage to keep everything in order. Once you have sorted through an entire section, move onto the next, and do this until the entire room is cleared out. 

Step 2: Clean + Prep

After deciding what stays and what goes, it’s time to clean up the space and prepare to return everything to its place. Sweep and wash the floors, any shelves or cabinets, and come up with a plan for where everything is going to go. Proper planning and foresight is key to keeping your garage in order long-term. Asking questions like “How often will I need to access these items?”, “Where is the most convenient place for this?, and “How much space does this require?” will help you place everything in the best spot and maintain long-term order. 

Step 3: Organize + Store

After all the moving, cleaning, prepping, and planning, it’s time to get your items back where they belong! By this time, you should have a lot less to store and a good idea of what needs to go where. The final key is incorporating systems to keep your new structure in place. Closet & Storage Concepts has a variety of garage storage solutions to create organization throughout your entire space.

Whether you are looking for workbenches, slat wall tool storage, sports racks, or pegboard tool storage, we are ready to help. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte today to get started!