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Creating A Multifunctional Office And Gaming Room

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For people who do work at home while also enjoying video games and entertainment, having an office as well as a room for their gaming setup almost becomes a necessity. However, having two separate rooms may not be an option due to the amount of space in the home. Combining both an office and a gaming room into the same space may offer a range of advantages. Here are several ways to create a multifunctional office and gaming room.

Decide On The Number Of Monitors

Some people only use one monitor for both their gaming and office tasks. Others may use multiple monitors for work as well as a wall television for gaming when friends and family play together. Another option is to have a wall television for both gaming and to hold meetings, while connected to a PC.

Decide on the number of monitors and screens needed, then you can select the size of the desk and other furniture needed to support your setup. Ensure that the office desk can house all of your monitors while leaving enough room for other accessories, such as a headset and chargers. A wraparound corner desk may provide an ideal solution for people who have multiple monitors as well as a wall television. The monitors can be placed side by side along one wall while you can simply turn your chair to see the mounted TV on the other wall.

Office And Gaming Center

Office and gaming equipment comes in different shapes and sizes. From customized gaming PC towers to gaming consoles and home office computers, there are many devices you may want to make room for. The electronics should be close enough to monitors and screens while still having enough space for proper air ventilation and cooling. Due to the amount of space that games and office applications take up in bytes, many people may opt for two different PCs, or have a PC for work and a gaming system for entertainment. Then you have to consider all the accessories, such as headsets, mics, game controllers, printers, scanners, video game cartridges, and other items.

If the space is big enough, you may decide to designate two separate areas for each activity. Otherwise, you can place all equipment into a customized center. A wall unit can hold all the electronics and is customizable to the size and shape of your electronics. Consider a shelving system with an open back to improve air circulation and allow cords to be connected. 

Make The Space Comfy

Don’t forget to have a comfortable place for people to watch you play or for when you get tired at night. You may want to opt for a couch with a pull-out mattress, or perhaps a Murphy bed. Then, when there are times when you just want to sit back and relax while gaming, or you want to lay down on the bed and finish up some paperwork, you can do it while feeling comfortable.

A manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte may help you design a wall unit or entertainment center to fit your space while housing electronics and other necessities. See options for combined desks with Murphy beds to make your office and gaming room more comfortable. Contact us today to get started!

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