Big city life has lots of benefits! Living in or near a Downtown area provides you with endless entertainment options. Within walking distance, you can usually find a handful of great restaurants, theaters, parks, and more! However, these close quarters can also have their downsides. Living in a big city usually means that an abundance of space is hard to come by. It’s up to us to make the most of our available space and create functional storage solutions for our unique lifestyle. One way that we can meet those needs is through a Wall Bed or a Murphy Bed.

Maximizes Space and Functionality

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest challenges to living in the city is maximizing the functionality of limited space. Murphy Beds are one great solution to this issue because they can be quickly and conveniently tucked away during the day, opening up more living space. When it’s time to wind down, you can pull your bed down and transform the space into what you need it to be. Likewise, in the morning, it can become something different. This allows a single space to serve multiple functions. 

Versatile Guest Solution

Because big cities like Charlotte have tourist appeal, there’s a good chance that you might have frequent guests in your home. In order to enjoy the unique experiences provided by the city, friends and family travel from afar and many may end up staying at your place as they do so. This is another great reason for a Wall Bed or Murphy Bed. When it’s just you and your family, the Murphy Bed can remain upright, providing ample living space. Conversely, when guests are in town, you can pull down the Murphy Bed and immediately create a place for them to stay.

Provides Additional Storage

With a custom Murphy Bed from Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte, you can create additional storage for your room too! With built-in shelving and drawers, you will be able to securely stow away additional items. In many big-city apartments, storage units are hard to find. Custom Murphy beds can help offset this issue and solve your storage challenges. 

If you live in or near a big city, like Charlotte, a Murphy Bed just might help solve some of your storage and space challenges! Visit Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte today to get started!