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Transforming An Attic Into A Mother-in-Law Suite

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Sometimes we will have our elderly parents move into our home with us later in life. It is not uncommon for multiple generations to live together under one roof. This situation calls for what is commonly known as a mother-in-law suite. When redesigning the home to provide room for the extra family member, you may consider converting the attic space into a bedroom. Here are several things to understand about transforming your attic into another living space.

Check Building Codes

Just because the attic is in your home does not mean it will meet local building codes when you begin to renovate the space. Many zoning offices require that the ceilings be at least 7 feet high and have the required floor space of 70 square feet. There should also be two exits from the attic in case of emergencies. Consider how to run heating and cooling lines into the space to provide proper ventilation. You will want to have a contractor check the space to ensure everything is good to go.

May Require Additional Floor Support

You need to check the stability of the floor to ensure that joists can handle any extra weight. This factor is essential if you plan to have individual rooms such as a kitchenette, living room, bedroom or closets in the attic space. Heavier pieces of furniture and appliances, such as couches and beds, will need to have sufficient support to prevent warping of floorboards and an unsafe environment.

Customize Spaces Due to Weird Angles

Attic spaces are not designed like other rooms in your home. Due to the angles of the roof and possible HVAC pipes and vents running along the walls of the space, there could be weird angles and slopes to the ceiling. You have to work with the environment when placing furniture such as bed headboards, dressers, and shelves. There is a unique opportunity to utilize any awkward space as a closet or storage unit.

Taking the customization route with your mother-in-law suite design allows you to have furniture that better fits into the space to make a uniform look. You want your mother-in-law suite to work for your loved one’s needs. Make sure to include their ideas during the design phase so that your parents are happy with the results. When considering storage and organization ideas, a custom manufacturer such as Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can help you design bespoke built-in shelving, closet systems and more.