There’s been a lot of talk about working from home over the last few years. For many of us adults, we’ve made adjustments in an effort to create the ideal at-home office space. But kids have often taken a backseat on this. Whether it is for homework, creative projects, or just having a space where they can sit down and focus, kids can make just as much use of a workspace at home.

Find Your Desk Setup

The basics of any workspace begins with a place to sit and be free of outside distractions. Start with a custom-built desk or wall-bed and desk combo. If you’re dealing with multiple kids, one way to save on space and create a collaborative environment is to combine a workspace. Shared two-person desks or even a table with organization systems at either end can serve as a great model for this kind of setup.

Make Use of Customized Solutions

Using customized storage solutions like bins, shelving units, and pegboard walls will give your kids the chance to take ownership over the space and create a sense of organization. Depending on their age, it can also be a good idea to have your kids play a role in the design of their workspace. Having them be participants in thinking about how they work best can, in turn, help in figuring out how to make this space work for them.

Make It Welcoming

Once you have a space set up for them, think about how you might make it more of a space they’ll look forward to spending time in. How can we make a space less distracting without making it feel cold or off-putting? How can we make it comfortable without taking things too far and making it an alternative spot for accidental naps? Here’s what we recommend: stick to lighter colors, make the space feel warm and inviting. Make sure your seating options have them sitting upright, and the room is well lit. And if you can, incorporate some comforting elements like natural light and plants around their workspace.

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