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How To Design A Multifunctional Closet

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Image includes an organized closet space with rows of shelves and clothes hanging in the closet.

Your closet doesn’t have to just be a closet. Sometimes, especially if you live in a smaller space, your closet space has to serve many purposes beyond storing clothes and everyday knickknacks. Here are some tips and tricks for turning your closet space into a multi-use, everyday space for your home.

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

How much do you typically store in your closet? How many items do you have? Evaluate how much your typically store in your closet, and if any of it can be moved to other places in order to create space. Furthermore, depending on your lifestyle or career, that will determine the uses of your multi-functional closet space. Upon evaluating your storage needs, also ask yourself what purpose you want your closet to serve. Do you want it simply to store clothing? Or do you want a sit-down space where you can get ready each morning? Asking yourself these questions before starting on your closet is imperative.

Optimize Your Space

Do you have a lot of vertical space in an otherwise small closet? Consider using mirrors to create a dressing room. By hanging a mirror on the back of the door, you can transform your closet into a dressing room without having to physically step inside your closet. If you have a lot of horizontal space, consider adding storage beneath your clothing via a dresser, shoe rack, or baskets.

Utilize Storage Bins

Depending on how much you keep in your closet, using storage containers to store and organize your items is an easy solution to create more space for a multifunctional closet design. You can get storage containers in a variety of styles, such as baskets, clear bins, and more. Furthermore, via utilizing storage bins, you can use items from your closet to other areas of your living space in order to create more space to be optimized in your closet. Utilizing storage space and bins is the perfect solution to further optimizing your closet.

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