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The Benefits of Floating Shelves: What To Know

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Are you looking for an efficient tool that can help you create more storage space in every room of your house? If so, you might be curious about floating shelves. These are shelves that you can attach to the wall to hold a wide variety of items. If you are concerned that you do not have enough space in your desk or cabinets, you can quickly and easily create more space by putting up shelving. What are some of the top benefits of using floating shelves? 

Make The Room Feel Bigger

One of the major benefits of installing floating shelves in a room is that you can make the room feel bigger. If you want to create the illusion of extra space, you might want to install a few shelves higher up on the walls or above the door. This creates a sort of optical trick, making the room feel bigger than it actually is. By using wall space instead of having bulky furniture or cabinets, you can also free up some floor space to create a spacious and open room.

Customize To Meet Your Needs

Another great benefit of using floating shelves is that you can customize them to meet your needs. For example, if you are looking for a shelf that is nearly invisible to the naked eye when you put items on top of it, you can find a clear acrylic board or a thin wood shelf. If you are looking for something sturdy that can hold heavy items, such as textbooks, those are available as well. There are numerous design options, and you can find exactly the right shelves to meet your needs.

Save Valuable Space

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to use floating shelves is that you can save a tremendous amount of space. Every square foot is valuable, and if you find yourself running out of storage space, you need to use shelves to help you. You can take items out of your drawers and cabinets, placing them on shelves instead. Furthermore, you can take these shelves and use them as a part of your decorating scheme as well. The opportunities are endless, so reach out to a professional who can help you get the most out of floating shelves.

Floating shelves are just one of the many tools you have at your disposal if you’re looking for a way to create more storage space in your home. If you are looking for other ideas to save space, or need assistance with professional shelf installation, contact Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte today. We are happy to discuss the various options you have at your disposal, and provide a free quote!