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Why Murphy Beds Are The Go-To Bed Of 2022

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Murphy Bed Charlotte North Carolina

Murphy beds have been maximizing people’s space since the early 1900s, and for good reasons! They come in different styles to fit any home, and they give you back the space in your bedrooms that regular beds take away. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, we want to keep you up to date on all the 2022 trends that will maximize your space. Read below for why Murphy beds are the go-to bed for 2022.


If you are straying away from a Murphy bed because you think you won’t find one that matches your interior design, think again! Murphy beds can come in different bed sizes and styles of wall décor where the bed folds. If you are looking for more shelf room but can’t give it to yourself over a place to sleep, you should look into our wall beds that offer shelf space around the bed frame. Perfect for decorations and extra space for storing clothing items in smaller apartments. Another reason why Murphy beds are versatile is that they can come in various colors to fit any living space aesthetic.

Space Efficient

The biggest reason people are looking for Murphy beds is to save space. Murphy beds are perfect for apartments with limited space or rooms that need to be converted into the guest’s room on the weekends. Just fold the bed up against the wall, and voilà, more space for you to host a get-together with your friends or family for special occasions. Taking advantage of the vertical wall space that your apartment has will free up the majority of the floor space, allowing you to use that space for anything until it comes time to go to bed.

Mattress Quality

People often think that they need to give up the quality of their mattress when it comes to saving space, but this is the wrong idea! Murphey beds are perfect when it comes to the crossroads of wanting space but still wanting to get a good night’s rest because the mattress folds entirely upwards, unlike a standard pullout couch that needs the mattress to fold three ways. Murphy beds allow you to keep the thickness of a regular-sized mattress so that you keep your nine hours of sleep!

Are you ready to take back the space in your home that regular mattresses take away? Call Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte today! Our experts are prepared to help find the perfect Murphy bed for your household or apartment.