Properly storing your clothes can not only save space in your closet but can also extend the life of your garments. Delicates like silk, cashmere, wool, and linen require more care. It is essential to give them some extra love when it’s time to store them for this reason. Here are some things to be mindful of when stowing delicates in your closet.

Prepare Your Items for Storage

Proper clothing care comes even before they go into the closet. As you wear an item, it picks up natural body oils and other outside debris. Beginning the process with clean garments ensures that they are free of stains that could damage the fabric over time. Delicate fabrics would likely need special attention from a dry cleaner, but that is only the beginning of caring for them.

To Hang or Not To Hang

A good thing to remember is if the clothes are soft and flowy, it would be best to store them that way. Linen is the most prone to wrinkling, similar to satin and silk. Take advantage of your hanging space to allow these items to flow. A best practice is to use cushioned or silk hangers for delicate clothes to avoid snagging. Knits are incredibly versatile because they can either be hung or folded. Although if your knit item is heavy or you’re not planning to wear it any time soon, fold it to avoid stretching. You can also extend this practice with wool clothes.

Give Your Clothes Some Breathing Room

High humidity levels can lead to mildew and the pesky stains that come with it. Storing delicates in drawers is the better alternative to plastic bins because they’ll hold much less moisture while saving precious closet space. Keep in mind the importance of not overcrowding your drawers. Delicate fabrics can resist light creasing, but more severe creases could cause breakage over time. A best practice is folding tissue paper into the silk, cashmere, and satin items for extra cushion. You can also consider carefully rolling instead of folding.

Avoid Moths

Unfortunately, moths are attracted to natural animal fibers. Silk, wool, and cashmere are especially at risk of becoming hosts to these unwelcome creatures. Keeping sachets of dried lavender in your drawers or hung on the clothing rod is a natural preventative measure against moths. You can also find mothballs in your local grocery store. Additionally, having an organized closet can make your clothes easily accessible- that way, you will notice the first signs of moths before they become an issue.

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