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Top Tips For Organizing Small Bedroom Closets

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Small reach-in closet

No matter the size of the home, most people wish they had more closet space. While small bedroom closets do present an organizing challenge, it is one that can be overcome with a little bit of creativity and the right tools. Whether you’re a DIY type or you’ll be hiring a reputable home storage system company like Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, you’ll want to read on for expert tips on getting the most out of small closets.

Make the Most of Vertical Space

Small closets tend to be arranged in a mostly horizontal configuration, with a few shelves and rods, leaving lots of wasted space below hanging clothing. Try using vertical organizers that hang from rods, or shelves, racks, or drawers that fit into empty spaces. Vertical shoe hangers or vertical cubbies that hang from closet rods can be used to store not only shoes, but also folded clothing, such as t-shirts or jeans. 


Let’s get real. Nearly everyone has a closet that is half-full of clothing that they rarely, if ever, wear. Before organizing a closet, the first step is to take everything out of the space and do a quick purge. People are often surprised by the amount of clothing, not to mention other items, that have accumulated over the years. Set up piles of items to keep, items to donate, and those to be thrown away. This often-overlooked step will make organizing what remains much easier. 

Organize Hanging Items

The majority of bedroom closet space is generally taken up by hanging clothing. Yet few people give much thought to the importance of properly hanging clothing. Dividing clothing into long and short pieces to create more vertical space below the shorter pieces. Investing in matching hangers will create more space by allowing clothing pieces to hang flatly against each other and keeps them from slipping off the hanger. Move the most-used and in-season clothing towards the center of the closet to keep it accessible. 

Don’t Ignore Small Spaces

Little things really can mean a lot. Consider adding storage to areas like closet corners and doors by hanging hooks or mirrors. Over-the-door storage accessories such as shoe hangers or jewelry organizers can provide much needed space for small items. Knobs or hooks can also be used to hang hair accessories, hats, or bags. 

If you are struggling to make the most of a tiny closet, contact our team at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte to discuss closet upgrade options. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional organizer to help you create a more space-effective closet, the name of the game is flexibility and finding creative ways to maximize even the smallest of spaces. Happy organizing!