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Eco-Friendly Laundry Room Practices

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organized laundry room with reusable products

The practice of sustainability in the laundry room goes beyond actually washing laundry. Sometimes, the use of plastic and harsh chemicals goes unnoticed. There are simple ways your home organization can help you reduce your footprint. Here are some green best practices and organizational tips for sustainability beginners and experts.

Reduce Microplastics

A lot of clothing is made with non-organic materials like polyester. When washed, these materials release thousands of microplastics into the water. Sort your clothing into organic materials like cotton and synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Use microplastic-catching wash bags to wash your synthetic fabrics. Pegboards are a great organizational feature used to hang separate laundry baskets, wash bags, drying racks, and other laundry necessities.


Incorporate sustainability into your laundry room storage by adding bamboo fixtures. Bamboo is an eco-friendly champion and a great alternative to wooden cabinetry that does not sacrifice strength and durability. This material is as beautiful as it is functional. You can use this shelving space to store and beautifully display jars filled with natural detergent, wool dryer balls, wooden clothing pins, and more. If you don’t want your cleaning products out in the open, store them in drawers and use dividers to keep your items organized.

Overhead pull-out drying rack

Air Dry Clothing

The footprint of laundry doubles through the use of a dryer. Dryers are convenient, but you can try to reduce your footprint by hanging smaller items like kitchen towels to air dry. Once you get more comfortable, you can dry heavier items like pants. Drying racks are a fantastic addition to your laundry room. Pull-out drying racks provide easy access in compact spaces. If you still want the convenience of a dryer, try using wool dryer balls to save on electricity by reducing drying time.


Replace your bulky, plastic-packaged detergents with homemade solutions. You can also find store-bought “green” laundry pods, detergents, and powders free from harsh chemicals and plastics. If you look to go the extra mile with your washing routine, use soap nuts. Soap nuts grow naturally on trees (which means are compostable), and they contain a natural cleaning agent called saponin that acts in the same way as soap. Soap nuts may be hard to get used to if you are starting to shift away from your regular detergent. In this case, consider starting with a more beginner-friendly option.

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