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Making The Most Of A Small Closet

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Sometimes, our closet just seems too small. If you find yourself with clothing that’s competing for space on the rack, if you can’t find enough room to squeeze in your miscellaneous goods, or if shoving everything into one area has caused your organization to become nonexistent, then read on to learn some simple tricks to make the most of your closet space.

Consider Different Hangers

Not all hangers are created the same! While wooden hangers can be aesthetically pleasing and durable, they can also be quite bulky and could be taking up some of that precious rack space in your small closet. Consider alternatives like slim velvet or felt hangers, or even thin plastic hangers if you’re working on a budget.

Keep It Seasonally Appropriate

Those living in climates that change throughout the year are all too familiar with the wide variety of tops and bottoms that are appropriate for certain seasons. Moving winter clothes to a different storage area during the summer (and vice-versa) can help to remove the clothes that you want to keep, but won’t need for a while.

Use All The Space

If you’re not already maximizing the space in your small closet, then you should start thinking of ways to do so! There are lots of different methods to approach this, but you ultimately want to use all the vertical and horizontal space in your closet. Consider using command hooks on the sides of your closet to hold hats and belts, or other accessories to cleverly utilize your space. Fabric bins can be used to hold less-used items at the top of your closet to fill out the vertical space, and one of our custom shoe racks can take your shoes off the floor, allowing more floor space for dressers or hampers in the closet.

Do A Closet Purge

Ultimately, there are only so many things that can fit into a small space, and your closet is no exception. If it’s been a while since you’ve sorted through your clothes, then now might be a good time to do so. A lot of purging can be common sense, like getting rid of items that don’t fit anymore, but working with a small closet space might mean having to get rid of more than just the clothes that don’t fit you. For this, try putting items that you aren’t in love with, but aren’t ready to get rid of, elsewhere. If you haven’t reached for these out-of-the-way clothes for a couple of months after storing them, then maybe that’s a sign that you don’t need them.

Still Not Enough?

If it seems like you’ve done all that you can, but are still low on space, then don’t fret! Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte will work with you to make a custom closet that maximizes your space. Contact us today to get advice from the experts on how to build a closet that’s right for you!