Since 1858 when it was first patented, this kitchen staple has seen many different forms and numberless uses. It is so popular, in fact, that in 2017 the National Day Calendar accepted the registration of National Mason Jar Day.

So, in honor of this still fairly new day of recognition, celebrated on November 30th, here are some uses for the Mason jar.

Mason Jar Organization

If you like farmhouse style, mason jars make great—and chic—organizers for things like cotton balls, q-tips, and other small bathroom items. They’re equally handy for holding craft room supplies like paint brushes, or the pens for your home office.

Use them in the laundry room for clothespins, or to hold the change your family keeps leaving in their pockets. Avoid an overstuffed junk drawer by keeping rubber bands and twist ties in jars under the sink or in a cabinet instead. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Where the Mason jar really shines, though, is the kitchen.

Food Storage

The obvious answer to ‘What do you do with a Mason jar?’ is food storage. They were invented for the purpose of food preservation, and they still serve that purpose today. But they aren’t just good for long-term storage like traditional canning. They’re great for storing vegetables, like carrots, that should be kept in water, or for making refrigerator pickles. If you buy in bulk, you can store anything from beans to candy in them.

They’re also ideal for single-serving meal prep: salads, burritos, overnight oats, and soups of all kinds. And did you know you can bake bread in a Mason jar? Because they’re made for high heat canning, they can withstand the heat of an oven. They’re a perfect option for baking in a small space where you might not have a full-size oven.

And speaking of meal prep, Mason jars can also be used for pre-made, just-add-liquid recipes like cocoa. Or for cookie and cake mixes. There are whole cookbooks dedicated to Mason jar meals.

Mason Jar Storage

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Photo Credit: © Katelin Kinney