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Home Organization and Mental Health

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An organized home is essential to good mental health, and this isn’t simply our opinion. Studies show a reduction in anxiety due to having a clean home. Some studies even point toward a well-organized home as a better sign of general health than having a walkable neighborhood. If this sounds surprising, just wait until you try out some of our tips and feel the difference for yourself!

How To Get Started

Organizing your entire home can feel like a large task if you haven’t started yet, but it doesn’t have to. In the beginning it’s best to focus on areas that you interact with the most, as that’s where you’ll see the immediate benefits of a tidy space. Areas like an entryway, your kitchen or pantry, and larger storage spaces like your garage or a hallway closet are great places to put in better organization. If you start with even one area, you’ll feel the effect of an organized space and be motivated to continue from there.

An image of a well-organized entryway.

Find A Home for Everything

Just like you need to live in a home, your things need to live in a home as well! Keeping your mental health in good shape is much easier when everything in your space has a place. Consider implementing a new storage solution for your entryway or large closets, like the custom ones above. You’ll feel much better when you get home from a long day at work if you don’t have to navigate a messy hallway or a dirty entryway.

Easy Sleeping & Easy Cooking

A huge portion of your life is spent eating and sleeping, making it important to organize your sleeping and cooking spaces in a way that adds to mental health instead of draining it. In your bedroom it is important to keep your closet free of clutter and the area around your bed accessible. Under-bed storage, closet dividers, or even a complete closet make-over can be a huge relief.

Kitchen organization with jars and baskets.

One telltale sign of a great kitchen: it is a joy to cook in. Your kitchen is an awesome place to implement better organization. Consider adding a shelving unit to create a home for all of your kitchen tools, or taming your pantry with one of our custom solutions.

No matter which area of your home you choose to conquer first, we’re here at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte to help you along your journey to inner-organizational peace. Contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation and our professionals can help you get started.