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How to Store Ski Equipment

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Ski equipment ready for storage

Charlotte, North Carolina: known for NASCAR, pimento cheese, and tree-lined streets. But residents and visitors alike might be surprised to learn that there are more than half a dozen ski resorts within three hours of the Queen City, with a ski season that lasts from November to March. If you’ve been taking advantage of Charlotte’s proximity to the mountains, here are some tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte on how to store your ski equipment for the off season.

General Ski Equipment Storage Rules:

There are a few rules that apply to all of your ski equipment, regardless of type.

  1. Store your ski equipment away from heat sources, light, and moisture, all of which can cause damage or wear to the material. Climate-controlled, indoor areas are best for this.
  2. Keep your gear organized and together. You don’t want to be hunting through multiple bags, boxes, and closets to find everything you need when the season starts up again in November.
  3. If you do store your ski equipment in the garage, pack smaller items into an airtight case, and store skis in a case that will protect them from the humidity.

Storing Specific Ski Equipment:

Boots and Goggles

Ski boots need to be wiped down at the end of the season and any damage should be repaired before you put them away in storage. Wash liners by hand with a mild soap, then allow to air dry for at least a day. Store boots buckled closed and standing upright so they hold their shape, not in a bag. If you’re worried about dust, a breathable cover can keep them clean and safe from any pests.

Goggles can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth, but only on the outside. Don’t use anything on the inside lens, as it can ruin the anti-fog coating. Tuck goggles into a soft pouch or pocket to protect them from scratches.

Athletic Wear

Wash all athletic wear in cold water and allow to air dry. Avoid harsh soaps, liquid fabric softener, and tumble drying to preserve the clothes’ moisture-wicking properties and keep them breathable. Inspect clothes for any damage before you put them away, and fold them rather than hanging.

Poles and Skis

Poles are easy. Strap them together for better organization and hang them from a hook or rack, or stand them up in a corner.

Skis need to be handled with a little more care. Before you store them, clean the season’s dirt and old wax off the ski bases and polish the edges with a gummy stone or file to remove rust and burrs. Once skis are clean, they can be conditioned and re-waxed with hot or rub-on wax. Don’t use liquid wax before off-season storage.

Store skis either flat on their sides with no weight on top of them, or stood up vertically with padding under the tails. You can also use a rack to keep them up off the floor. To help them keep their shape, they can be bound together near the tips and the tails with padded ski straps, but be sure not to put any pressure on the camber.

Consider Custom Storage:

Whether you’re a beginner with a single set of skis or an avid powder hound with a full collection of gear, custom storage can help you keep your ski equipment organized and accessible. Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte can help you design and install everything from custom cubbies for boot storage to a full closet setup. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation!

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