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What Does Your Closet Say About You?

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Custom closet with blue island

We know our clothes reveal a lot about us, but they aren’t the only thing in our closets that says something about who we are. The other items you keep in your closet, the colors in your décor, even how your closet is arranged—all of these things can give glimpses into your personality. What does your closet style say about you?


The classic white closet, set with basic shelving and hanging rods, typically belongs to a traditionalist. Someone dependable and confident. The clothes inside are likely to be the kind of timeless pieces that never go out of style, just like the person who chose them.


A contemporary closet belongs to a bold, ambitious individual. This style is marked by clean lines and a neutral palette accented by striking elements of color. Those who choose yellow and orange shades are likely optimists. Muted blues and greens speak to a laid-back personality. Brighter, jewel-toned shades say the person who chose them is outgoing and creative.

A contemporary custom closet

Mid-Century Modern

This style is coming back into favor in 2023. Rich, dark tones appeal to a desire for luxury, and the sleek elegance of this décor suits a sophisticated eye. But the connection with the past those who seek out mid-century style are looking for may also hint at a secret sentimental side.


Do you prefer your closet only contain necessary items? Are you fond of clean lines and storage that keeps things neatly tucked away out of sight? If you’re a minimalist, you’re likely goal-oriented and organized. You may have a preference for neutral colors that suggests a sensible outlook on the world and a desire for zen.

Custom closet with a rustic design


Deep browns and earthy greens, natural wood and distressed hardware: a rustic closet speaks to a hands-on, down-to-earth personality. People with a taste for rustic décor are often fond of the outdoors and want to bring the serenity they find there inside.

A Closet for Every Style

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