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Moment of Maximalism: Accessories to Glamorize your Closet Space

After decades of pale walls and bare wood, a minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian utility and TV property shows that champion greige and bland, the maximalist design is having its moment in the sun. Sure, the trend can be seen as a backlash against austerity or a response to our troubled times, but in the end,…

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Working from Home? How to Bring Mood and Productivity to the Home Office

modern and bright home office

With so many of us working from home - freelancing, consulting, leveraging our lockdown hours as businesses are in no hurry to resume to normal office life - staying productive and inspired can be challenging. The tech giants might have turned their workspaces into cathedrals of innovation, complete with ping-pong tables, bean bags, and on-site…

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Pantry Redesign Ideas: What Else Can You Do with The Space

custom charlotte pantry design

Pantries are the perfect places to store all those shelf-stable items all in one location. Instead of searching for a can of soup in cabinets, everything is on display as you can easily find the soup, crackers, and maybe sneak in a few candies in with your lunch. Yet pantries can hold other things besides…

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Multifunctional and Unique Wall Storage Concepts

Murphy Bed Home Office Charlotte

You may have numerous possessions that you want to display in your home. Whether the items are photos, books, knickknacks, or plants, you want to have a place where the items can have their own space and still be part of the decor theme in the room. Wall shelves, wall units, and hanging cabinets provide…

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Charlotte Garage Storage Tips for all Hobbies

custom garage storage solutions

Need more space for you and your family’s hobbies? Believe it or not, your garage may be your solution! The garage is no longer a single-use space to park your car, and you should get the most use out of it possible. If your garage is crammed with your household’s miscellaneous belongings, look into maximizing…

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Increasing Laundry Room Functionality for Charlotte Homes

white modern laundry room

Searching for more utility from your laundry room? The designers of Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte can help! Though often forgotten in home planning, laundry rooms can be made to be a functional and useful room in your home. Check out these ideas for making the most of the space available in the laundry room.…

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Clean Up Closet Clutter With These Tips

If there is any room in your home that is disorganized, it is likely your clothing closet. The closet is where many people tend to hide all of the hard-to-tackle clutter of their home, especially because it's usually invisible to guests and other family members. If there is a lot of clutter in your closet,…

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Designing Your Gameday Entertainment Center in Charlotte

custom entertainment center with football game

No matter what’s going on, fall is for football. If you’re ready to make the jump to a full-blown football-watching palace, check out some of these tips to guide you along the way. Make sure you’ve got the perfect setup for game day with some help from the professionals at Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte.…

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The Top Trends In Closets

When it comes to closets, everyone wants to make sure that they get as much use out of this small space as possible. However, with functionality can also come style! At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we can help you create a closet with custom storage solutions as well as create a trendy aesthetic that…

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4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Garage

Grey garage cabinets and tool storage

The garage. Even the very mention of the place can send shivers down the spine and bring to mind images of cobwebs, clutter, and cardboard boxes stacked to the rafters. It may be a pit of despair, unfinished projects, and old machinery now, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider a functional garage storage solution…

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