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3 Awesome Programs to Help You Organize Your Digital Presence

typing on illuminated laptop keyboard

In the modern age, we spend so much of our lives on our computers and online, and it can be incredibly time-consuming. Trying to have a life outside of your digital presence can be increasingly difficult, as both our work lives and our home lives become ever more dictated by technology. Luckily, Closet & Storage…

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How to Efficiently Organize Your Mail and Escape the Junk

table covered with junk mail

One of the most common forms of clutter is mail, which simply seems to build up over time with no respite. From bills to magazines, birthday cards to catalogs, coupons to junk mail, it seems there simply is no end to the amount of mail that can pile up on your entryway table. Closet &…

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The Best Ways to Cut Out Kid Clutter

Of course we all love our kids, but let’s be honest, keeping a well-organized home when you have young children is no mean feat. Kids are anathema to cleanliness, it seems at times. Sometimes you just want to throw up your hands and give up. From markers and art supplies gone rogue, to mud and…

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The Best Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

One of the most difficult hurtles any interior designer faces is how to deal with small spaces. That’s when they turn to specialists like Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte and North Carolina to help them make the most of the square footage they have to work with. We can help you to get the…

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8 Illuminating Statistics about Organization

Organized modern home office

Here at Closet and Storage Concepts of North Carolina, we believe that clutter can have a huge negative impact on your life. While some people may think that clutter is a relatively minor problem, the cumulative effects of a lack of organization can be quite weighty. With that in mind, we decided to pull together…

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Garage Storage Tips

Custom garage storage Charlotte, NC

You know the old saying “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, it certainly can apply to the garage, where it’s all too easy to shut the door and forget the accumulating mess. Making the decision to get your garage organized is a great step, one that Closet & Storage Concepts of North Carolina would…

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Simple Bedroom Fixes

Traditional bedroom bed and set

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts North Carolina, we care about our customers and want them to have the home of their dreams. If you’re having trouble sleeping there are a lot of potential causes, but here are a few common fixes that could help you sleep better at night. Temperature Is More Important Than…

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Lighting Tips For Your Home

Traditional kitchen with lots of light

When decorating decisions are looming, it is often likely that the majority of your focus turns to the prospect of the traditionally big decorating decisions – furniture to sit on, art to hang, and colors of paint for your walls. The one aspect of decorating that is often neglected in this process is lighting. Traditionally…

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Tips for Having Fun On a Budget

Everyone is in a different place financially, but whether you’re the CEO of a large company or an employee of that same company, we can all stand to be a little more budget-conscious in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon all of earthly pleasures, but it does mean that you can…

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Cost-Cutting Tips For Your Wedding

Couple kissing on bench for wedding

Summer means warm days and road trips, but it also means wedding season is upon us. You may be going to a wedding this summer, but if you’re thinking of getting married in the near future you could be worried about the excessive costs of tying the knot. If that’s the case, here are a…

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