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Try This in Your Garage: Mother In-Law Suite

As your parents grow older and have less and less mobility, you want to offer them more of your time and assistance so they can stay as independent as possible, and be close to family. Creating a mother-in-law suite, also called an in-law suite or granny flat, may be the best option where they can…

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6 Important Facts About Murphy Beds

Murphy beds Charlotte

Murphy beds are having a moment both in Charlotte and across the US. This storable bed option had its first heyday in the 1920’s and 1930’s as urbanites sought to make their apartments and small city homes more livable. They fell out of favor after World War II as GI’s and their families moved in…

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Adjusting Your Home for Summer

Make adjustments to your home for the summer to take advantage of a more relaxed environment. Get top tips from the Charlotte pros at Closet & Storage Concepts below. Entryway With the summer season, you may not need as much storage for school activities. Adjust your storage containers for the items you'll need in the…

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How to Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Life

While Minimalism is most commonly associated with art and design, from the simple paintings of Frank Stella and Agnes Martin to the minimal music of Philip Glass and John Adams, and even to the stripped-down design common in modern technical and industrial design, Minimalism is also about a mindset and lifestyle that eschews excess. Minimalism…

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The Benefits of Cedar Closets

One of the trendy building materials used in closets these days is cedar. Cedar is lauded as a wood species that deters bugs and provides a plethora of other benefits. But are cedar closets right for your home? Before you decide if cedar is right for the closets in your home, consider the benefits of from…

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The Best Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

One of the most difficult hurtles any interior designer faces is how to deal with small spaces. That’s when they turn to specialists like Closet and Storage Concepts of Charlotte and North Carolina to help them make the most of the square footage they have to work with. We can help you to get the…

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Lighting Tips For Your Home

Traditional kitchen with lots of light

When decorating decisions are looming, it is often likely that the majority of your focus turns to the prospect of the traditionally big decorating decisions – furniture to sit on, art to hang, and colors of paint for your walls. The one aspect of decorating that is often neglected in this process is lighting. Traditionally…

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