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General Organizing Tips & Tricks

5 Things to Get Rid of In Your Closet Today

Pile of clothes to get rid of

If you ever wished for a more organized closet, you can achieve it. Take the first step by purging your wardrobe. Here are 5 things you can say goodbye to today from your local Charlotte experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. Stretched Out Make sure your wardrobe isn’t filled with stretched out items. Toss out…

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Use This Simple Strategy to Refine Your Closet Storage

custom closet storage organization Charlotte

If you’re having trouble figuring out the right organizational strategy for your closet, the storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts in Charlotte are here with an idea we think you’ll like. We always think simple is better – and this absurdly intuitive method is so simple that you may smack yourself on the head…

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6 Important Facts About Murphy Beds

Murphy beds Charlotte

Murphy beds are having a moment both in Charlotte and across the US. This storable bed option had its first heyday in the 1920’s and 1930’s as urbanites sought to make their apartments and small city homes more livable. They fell out of favor after World War II as GI’s and their families moved in…

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Adjusting Your Home for Summer

Make adjustments to your home for the summer to take advantage of a more relaxed environment. Get top tips from the Charlotte pros at Closet & Storage Concepts below. Entryway With the summer season, you may not need as much storage for school activities. Adjust your storage containers for the items you'll need in the…

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Making Space for Hobbies in Your Garage

garage storage charlotte

The garage is an area that tends to see a lot of clutter, and it may not be the most inviting area in your home for this very reason. Instead of avoiding your garage, consider clearing up some space to take full advantage of its potential. Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte has the expert advice…

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Decluttering 101: Deciding What to Toss & Keep

Sorting and donating clutter

Knowing what to toss and what to keep can mean the difference between an organized, relaxing home and a cluttered, dirty one. Find key tips to help you know which items to hold on to and which ones to sell or give away. Consider Use Go through your accessories, tools, and office supplies and ask…

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Top 5 Organizing & Cleaning Tips for Spring 2017

neat organized kitchen cabinets

Spring is the most popular time for cleaning and organizing a home. Not only is there the promise of warmer weather in the near future, the freshness of a brand new year is still very evident. The following tips can help you get organized as you embark on your spring 2017 cleanup. 1. Declutter It's…

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4 Ways to Organize Your Entertainment Center

organized entertainment center

The entertainment center is a central feature of the American living room. However, despite its prominent status, the entertainment center is often neglected when it comes to organization — resulting in a confusing jumble of cords, remotes, and media. Here are four tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte to help you keep things organized!…

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Fast Holiday Tidy Up

Celebratory champagne drink

Get your home tidied up before your holiday party with these tricks and tips specifically designed for busy families in the Charlotte area. Vacuum Stray Needles If you’re planning on keeping your tree up until after New Years, be sure to vacuum up any stray needles. Doing this easy task will make sure that your…

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Gift Ideas That Don’t Create Clutter

As many people try to become more minimalist in their homes and their lives, the holidays present a good opportunity to give thoughtful gifts that don’t create clutter. Below are just a few gift ideas that can be bought (or made) that are centered around experiences rather than tangible items. They can even work well for…

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