Make Room for Life

custom kitchen pantry

Storage Solutions for Your Favorite Hobbies

Are your art supplies currently crammed in a box under the bed? Do you find yourself wasting time detangling cords every time you want to play your instruments? Don’t let disorganization kill your creative spark. At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte we’re able to build custom solutions for all of your favorite hobbies.  Have Your Music Storage Hit…

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Custom Features for A More Streamlined Pantry

Custom kitchen pantry

Your kitchen is all about utility. If it isn't well-organized and well-designed, it isn't going to be pleasant to cook in. If you've found your pantry slowly becoming more of a mess, there are a few things you can do to try to improve upon it. Custom, built-in features are an excellent way to extend…

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Tips for Tackling Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of renewal and with it comes the opportunity to reset your home. It’s time for spring-cleaning! Many people dread the task, but here at Closet and Storage Concepts Charlotte we welcome the opportunity to organize. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for tackling your spring-cleaning and how we can…

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5 Features For Your Custom Pantry

Custom Pantry Storage Charlotte NC

Pantries allow you to completely rethink the functionality and design of the average kitchen by encouraging one area for work and another for storage. For that reason, pantries are an organizer's dream. By prioritizing what is essential to daily life and what is supplemental, you are one step closer to clutter-free and more productive living.…

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Efficient Pantry Design & Custom Features To Consider

custom pantry design charlotte

Is your pantry working for you or is it a jumbled mess? At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we know that keeping your pantry efficient is hard to do sometimes because of all the use it gets. The pantry can be an overlooked area in the house, even though it needs the most organization. Here…

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6 Innovative Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

If your current pantry is space-challenged, outdated, or nonexistent, it can feel like it's impossible to be efficient when you're cooking or baking. Effective custom kitchen storage and organization can make all the difference. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make the most of any situation to optimize your kitchen. Consider these six pantry…

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5 (Good) Reasons Why Your Next Project Should Be a Custom Pantry

Built-in wine and spice rack storage

If you do not have a custom pantry in your Charlotte home, you are missing out for sure! Do not underestimate the convenience and perks of an amazingly organized pantry to store your food, bulky holiday serving platters, small appliances, and oversized pots and pans. In fact, the first thing most people look for in…

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4 Things to Purge From Your Kitchen Now

The kitchen. Also known as the workhorse of a home, it can sometimes turn into a dumping ground. If your kitchen is looking more like a dump site than a space that fosters efficiency and joy, then it’s time to change that with these tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC. Expired Foods A…

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