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Fridge Organization

Efficient Pantry Design & Custom Features To Consider

custom pantry design charlotte

Is your pantry working for you or is it a jumbled mess? At Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte, we know that keeping your pantry efficient is hard to do sometimes because of all the use it gets. The pantry can be an overlooked area in the house, even though it needs the most organization. Here…

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Organize Your Kitchen to Make Packing Lunches Easier

Packed lunch box

Do you pack lunches for yourself, your kids, or a significant other? If so, you know that it can be a challenge to make tasty, nutritious, and balanced lunches on hectic mornings. Here’s a new idea to make things simpler: try setting up lunch stations in your kitchen! These organized areas streamline the packing process…

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The Secrets to Excellent Fridge Organization

If the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, it makes sense that the heart of any home is its kitchen, and the heart of any kitchen is the fridge. The fridge is where you keep your food, the source of energy that sustains you, so why would you want a fridge that’s full…

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