Make Room for Life

wall beds

3 Areas of the Home to Fix in 2019

Now that the holiday season is over and the presents are put away, it's time to shift into home improvement mode. Chances are your house doesn't function as well as you'd like. There's too much clutter, and some areas are serving double-duty in an awkward way.  2019 can be the year you take control over the organizational…

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Using Murphy Beds in the Modern Home

Murphy beds were designed to be used in small one-room apartments that needed to double as living space. Recently, they’ve become increasingly popular, and for a good reason. A wall bed makes it possible for homeowners to increase the number of beds in their homes without having to spend a fortune on a renovation or…

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The Perfect Duo: Home Office & Murphy Bed

home office and guest room

If you are like most of us, you want to utilize the rooms in your Charlotte home for maximum space and efficiency. A great place to start is by looking at rooms that are dedicated to a cause that designers suggest don’t really need that much dedication at all! A good example is the guest…

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Murphy Bed

Murphy bed in a home office

A Murphy bed can transform your space while providing you with a comfortable place to rest. If you are considering the purchase of a new bed, you need to know about the following four reasons why a Murphy bed is the best choice for your living arrangements. They Fit Into Any Room A Murphy bed…

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