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3 Garage Organization Tips For Summer

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As the summer activities continue to ramp up, you may also start to feel more overwhelmed as items such as bikes, golf clubs, and camping gear start to clutter your garage space. Summer is a time to get out and enjoy the warm weather while you can, instead of constantly stressing about the gear getting in your way. We here at Closet and Storage Concepts Colorado couldn’t agree with this more. This led us to throw a few of our favorite garage organization tips together, so we can help you clear up your space and make everything accessible for those summer activities!

Organize Smaller Items With Custom Shelving & Drawers

Custom shelving and drawers are the ideal solution to finding a home for those pesky little items you always need but can never find. Stop wasting time looking for those screws or the ball pump. Instead, let us help you install shelving and drawer solutions that will allow you to know exactly where every little thing is right when you need it most.

Implement Hanging Storage and Sports Racks

We can install any combination of hanging storage options to transform your blank walls into a useful space. In order to suit your storage demands, our designers will collaborate with you to choose the best options for your desired activities. Whether you need to hang bikes, golf clubs, or put your skis in a permanent spot until winter, our hanging storage solutions could be the perfect answer to your problem. We utilize your garage’s empty wall space for ultimate equipment accessibility, while also clearing up more floor space.

Utilize Tall Cabinets to Clear Up More Space

Tall cabinets allow gardening tools like shovels and rakes or other pieces of equipment to be stored away in one place and kept out of sight. Gone are the days of just scattering those tall pieces of equipment around the garage for someone to trip on. Our customizable cabinet solutions will keep these summer tools out of sight and out of mind until they need to be used. 

Take a Step Toward Your Dream Garage Today!

No matter what type of activities you do, there is always an efficient and visually pleasing way to store your items all year round with garage storage & organization solutions. Get in touch with Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado today for a free design consultation in your Denver home. A more organized life awaits you this summer and beyond!