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3 Golden Rules For A Garage Overhaul

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family cleaning garage Denver Colorado

family cleaning garage Denver ColoradoOne of the biggest projects that Denver homeowners can tackle is a garage overhaul. Sometimes a little reorganization just won’t cut it – you’ve got to break the whole thing down and start from scratch. And while it might be tempting to just dive in and hope for the best, we can tell you from experience that having some kind of strategy before you begin a major overhaul makes things faster and easier.

At the end of the day, Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado wants you to love spending time in your home, so we’ve distilled some of our best garage overhaul advice into three simple, golden rules. 

Keep It Easily Accessible

Convenience and quick access to the items in your garage will translate to better long-term organization, efficiency, and more motivation to finish projects.

Once you’ve purged your space of clutter, finding the right garage storage system is probably the most important thing you can do to prevent the clutter from returning. Custom shelving and cabinets will not only keep your belongings and tools safe, but they will also save you time when you’re looking for that one little thing you need.

Keep It Open

Don’t leave anything lying around on the floor. Even though it’s tempting to leave the bicycles sitting out, or to make a pile for “later,” filling up your space is a slippery slope. Think about it: if your garage isn’t filled to the brim with old boxes, bicycles, and precariously balanced piles of tools, you’ll be able to move freely. You’ll have extra space for projects. That’s right – you can actually use your garage again.

How do you get to this point? You’re not going to like it, but here’s our tough-love advice: be merciless when you purge clutter. If you really can’t bear to part with sentimental objects, you might want to look into a durable, long-term solution. We can install all kinds of custom systems to keep your floorspace clear without having to sacrifice your possessions. Overhead racks for bikes or wall racks for often-used sports equipment, tools, and hobby project materials can really transform your space. 

Keep It In Plain Sight

tools on garage wall Denver ColoradoThis one is actually a little counterintuitive. Sure, it may seem like the main point of storage is to get everything out of sight, but this strategy can often lead to difficulty finding your belongings when you need them. If you have to dedicate an entire afternoon to find that one photo of your kids at the beach, you’re likely to end up with a larger mess than you started with. We recommend using a visual system to organize your garage.

Transparent storage containers and open shelving are probably the most popular visual organizing systems, because they’re affordable and easy to install. However, slatwall and pegboard systems are also great ways to keep your belongings off the ground, but still in plain view.


At Closet & Storage Concepts here in Denver, we love helping people revive their homes. If you’re ready to reclaim your garage, contact your local design experts to get started! We offer free, in-home consultations, where we’ll work with you to find a personalized solution for your garage. Proudly serving the greater Denver metro area. Call us today!


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