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3 Reasons You Need A Wall Bed

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A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is a dual purpose piece of furniture that can help you create a practical space for your home without sacrificing comfort. Murphy beds can be stored away in the wall and easily pulled down for use. We at Closet Storage & Concept Denver Colorado, think everyone could improve their living space with a wall bed. Here are a few reasons you need one in your space.


It adds more living space

This one may seem obvious, but let’s go into some detail! Having a wall bed can open up your life to so many new opportunities that you would not otherwise have with a traditional floor bed. A Murphy bed is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for more space, without having to pick up and move houses. Give your children some extra space to play or spread out an art project without taking over the dining room table. Have you always wanted your own personal gym? Well, here you go! Having the ability to store your bed away will give you the perfect amount of vacant floor space to lay out some equipment without having to shuffle all of your furniture around.


It’s multifunctional

This is especially valuable for those who work from home! With a Murphy bed, you won’t have to intrude on your personal space with your work life and vise versa. Your sleep space can easily be turned into a home office without having to pay for an extra room. Simply fold your bed up into the wall, making the room feel like an office space instantly. Putting your bed out of sight can help put you in the mindset of being in work mode without having to make any drastic changes to your home, room, or lifestyle. At the end of the day, you can easily pull the bed back down to relax!


It’s perfect for a guest bedroom

This is for those of you who love to host friends and family and like to accommodate to make them feel as comfortable as possible. A wall bed is a perfect addition to a spare room because it will create that homey space for your guests without creating wasted space during those times you are not hosting. Turn your storage room, play room, tv room, or home office into a comfortable spare bedroom without placing your guests on the couch.


Need more help choosing the perfect Murphy bed?

Reach out today for a FREE design consultation. The designers here at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado are happy to assist with your Murphy bed design ideas to fit your space. We proudly serve the greater Denver area and can’t wait to help customize your life to fit your needs!