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4 New Year Home Resolutions

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In a few days, we will ring in the new year. But after the clock strikes midnight, what will you do to make next year better than this one? Instead of resolving to make the same changes you do every year, why not commit to improving your home?  

Four Resolutions to Improve Your Home

Make 2018 the year when you finally clean out your closets, throw away the junk in the attic, and create a plan to get organized. Decluttering your home will have a huge impact on not only how your house looks, but also how you feel. A clean and tidy home is not only more efficient but it can make you feel more optimistic and happy.

While many of us can feel overwhelmed when we are beginning a large project, splitting a complex job into smaller, easy-to-complete tasks can keep us motivated to see the job through. Commit to finishing these tiny tasks each day and it won’t be long before your home changes for the better. 

    • Resolve to put things away. After you finish using something, put it back where it belongs immediately. Resist saying you will put it away later — we all know this rarely happens. If each item in your home does not have a specific home, find one for it! If you are running out of space to store things, custom storage options from a company like Closet & Storage Concepts Denver can help.
    • Resolve to get rid of it. Breaking up is hard to do, even if it is an inanimate object. Although it may be painful to get rid of something you no longer use, you will feel much better afterward. If you haven’t used or thought about something in a year, donate it, recycle it, or toss it. Woman holding bucket of cleaning supplies
    • Resolve to create a cleaning schedule. Instead of waiting for a free day to do all your cleaning at one time, spend 15 minutes here and there on chores throughout the week. It is much less intimidating than six hours of solid washing, wiping, and tidying at the end of a busy workweek. 
    • Resolve to keep dishes out of the sink. Admit it. You are not “soaking” your dishes, you are just too lazy to wash them. Make it a point to never leave your home or go to sleep with dirty dishes in your sink. Either hand wash them or stick them in your dishwashers as soon as you finish a meal.

These four New Year’s home resolutions take only a few minutes a day and make a huge difference. Stop by the Denver Closet & Storage Concepts showroom to see space-saving furniture in action!

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