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4 Tips For Your Most Productive Year Yet

Clean, organized home office

Clean, organized home office.

At Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado, we want you to have the most productive year you’ve ever had. That’s why we’re giving you four tips to help you stay focused.

Take Breaks

From a weekend away from technology, to a week long vacation to the Bahamas, be sure to plan for some time to decompress. While it may seem like it goes against the grain and might make you less productive, going on a vacation and taking a break can help you feel refreshed when tackling a home or work project. Taking breaks gives you time to get through the creative blocks and can even give you some great inspiration. Even doing something that you love for a couple of hours a day can help you feel fulfilled and more focused.

Be sure to apply this tip when organizing and decluttering – it’s not as much fun after the first 2-hours.

Conquer Clutter

This is the year that you finally tackle your clutter! Closet and Storage Concepts is here to help with storage solutions that are designed specifically for your space. Before making use of a custom storage system, be sure to participate in a purge. Take breaks and make time for multiple sessions. Doing a purge and conquering the clutter means that you’ll be able to find items in less time and with less stress – giving you more time to do stuff that really matters to you.

For your digital life, eliminate the spam by turning off unneeded notifications and unsubscribe from the junk emails. Not only will it cut down on the time you spend clearing out those emails to help you stay focused, you’ll also limit your purchases to help you cut down on the physical clutter.

Of course, containing clutter is an ongoing process, but the faster you can create a system that works for you and maintain it means that you’ll be able to enjoy the time you do get back in the long-run to be more productive.

Set Internal Deadlines

Setting internal deadlines with yourself, or better yet, marking it on your calendar or planner is a great way to stay focused. Making internal deadlines earlier than the hard deadline can push you to be more productive. You’ll be surprised on how much you can accomplish in a short amount of time. Plus, by writing it down you’ll keep yourself accountable.


Much like taking breaks, dancing like there’s no tomorrow or listening to music can boost your mood. Being positive can boost your productivity. Simply listening to music as you work can help you crank on and limit the distractions. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself each day to do something you love.

Make this the year that you conquer clutter and become more productive. When you’re ready to say goodbye to your old storage systems for good, call in the pros at Closet and Storage Concepts. We help customers throughout the greater Longmont and Denver, Colorado area.

Photo: fancycrave1, under Public Domain (CC0 1.0).