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4 Ways to Organize Your Holiday Decorations

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organizing holiday decorations

Are you ready for the holidays? Or are you dreading the preparations that lead up to them? If so, don’t be, because Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado has some tips to help you change all that. Here are five exceptional ways to organize your holiday decorations.

organizing holiday decorations

Create Like-Item Collections

Bundling your holiday decorations into like item collections will make it easier to pack and unpack them during the holiday season. You could use color-coded boxes, baskets, clear bins, etc. This will also help with storing your holiday decorations in cabinets, shelves, and closets as well.

Protect and Label

All decorations should be properly packaged for your environment to protect them from mold, mildew, water damage, bugs, etc. If your holiday decorations will be kept in a basement, in the attic, or any humid environment, be sure to protect your items in environment-specific packaging and storage to protect them. Then, of course, make sure everything is labeled, so when you go to use them the next season, everything can be easily identified and pulled out as needed.

Designate a Space for Each Holiday Season

If you want to make your life a whole lot easier, use a designated space for each holiday. For example, have one specific spot for all your Christmas decor, one for your Halloween decor, etc. This will keep you from having to pull everything out of your storage closet several times a year. You shouldn’t have to do that just to find the decorations you need for any given season.  What a monumental waste of time!

And that leads us to the best possible way to organize your decorations for the upcoming holidays.

Custom Storage Solutions

Each holiday comes around every year like clock-work. Therefore, you know you are going to have to decorate for each season, right? So why not make your life much easier by having some custom storage solutions built to meet your specific needs. This will save you loads of time and money because all your holiday decor will have a designated space where it can be stored and protected from the environment.

It also means you won’t have to go out and re-purchase new holiday decor because you either couldn’t find them, or they were ruined because they weren’t stored properly. Here are some custom storage solutions for you to consider.

  • Custom Cabinets– one for each holiday season so everything has a place of its own and can be easily labeled, stored, accessed, and protected from the environment.
  • Custom Shelving – shelves specifically designed for your holiday decor, one for each season, and built to your specific needs.
  • Custom Closets – have some custom closets built to accommodate all your holiday decor and more. Do you have unused space in your home such as under the stairs, in the garage, a spare room, or somewhere else? Put that space to good use with a custom-built closet. Who doesn’t need more storage?

What’s Next?

Would you like to have some custom cabinets, shelving, or closets built to protect and store your holiday decor? Contact Closet & Storage Concepts in Denver, CO today. We’d love to show you just how convenient and affordable our custom storage solutions can be. 


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