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4 Ways To Turn Your Garage Into a Productive Work Space

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Organize Garage Storage Colorado

Is your garage a vital, productive part of your home or is it a bottomless pit for everything but the kitchen sink? Whether you need more room for storage or more room to work, the team here at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado can help! It’s time to turn your garage space into a more productive environment you can use efficiently. Take a look at four key features to transform your garage. 

Organize Garage Storage Colorado

1. Garage Wall Shelving

The things you store in your garage are likely there because they are a bit too bulky for the common space inside your house. This means that in order for your garage shelving to accommodate your large items, the shelves need to be different than they are anywhere else in your home. Shelving will probably need to be sturdier than any standard cabinet typically allows. Our custom shelves are built to hold whatever you need them to. Just work with our designer to find the best option for your storable possessions. 

2. Slat Board Wall Systems

One of the most efficient ways to use wall space is with custom slat boards. Organize and store your tools in a way that keeps them within reach without becoming cluttered in a toolbox. Hooks can hang your hand tools while small transparent storage boxes can separate nails, screws, and other small bits. From an isolated piece of wall above a work bench to entire floor-to-ceiling space, we can build the most organized slat system for you. The biggest benefit of slat boards is that you can continually move and rearrange the accessories to make room for what you need or prioritize certain tools and objects while you’re working on a project. 

3. Work Benches

Workbenches may not be necessary for every homeowner. However, if you enjoy a hands-on project that requires a lot of different tools, we highly recommend one. A custom workbench from Closets & Storage Concepts Colorado can give you a more efficient, productive space that is easy to organize and enjoyable to use. Talk to us about your personal tastes and favorite projects and we will build a bench that suits your particular working style.  

4. Garage Storage Racks

If you have a lot of storage needs but just having shelves and slat boards feels too cluttered for your aesthetic, we’ve got just the solution! Custom cabinetry can give you all the space and none of the eyesore. Our sleek and efficient units will make sure your closet always looks neat – even if there’s a bit of mess lurking behind closed doors. However, our custom designs can give you the right amount of shelf, drawer, and hanging space to perfectly complement your lifestyle and your storage. It will be easy to stay organized when your cabinets work for you rather than trying to squeeze in as much as possible. Choose from a wide variety of materials, colors, and finishes to match your aesthetic. From dark modern designs to light and bright cabinets your whole family can use, we’ve got the solution for you! 

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