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5 Easy Kitchen Organization Tasks

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If your kitchen is starting to look more like a dumping ground than a place to enjoy cooking and spending time with your family, it’s time to get organized. Luckily, you can get organized whether you have five minutes or five hours. Here are some of the easiest tasks you can tackle as recommended by the team at Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado.

Countertop Wipe Down

This task is so easy that you can do it while you pour your coffee in the morning. By doing a little bit of cleaning you’ll make your kitchen visually neater. It will also help you cut down on the cleaning on the weekend. Besides a wipe down with a damp cloth or cleaner, be sure you clear your counter to the bare essentials. Toss out junk mail or place urgent documents in a letter sorter. Put away dishes, pens, or other items in their drawers or cabinets. For a more intensive project, consider ways to cut down on the counter clutter by concealing kitchen appliances (toaster, mixer, etc.). Using clever systems like tambour doors or pullout shelving can be a good solution for this.

Day-Before Pickup Purge (Pantry and Fridge)

As you would clear out your fridge the day before the garbage is picked up, dig a little deeper by going through your spices and sauces. Also, complete a good purge in your freezer and pantry. Discard spoiled foods and donate items to your local soup kitchen or food bank. For those with more time, get organized for the long haul. Make sure your kitchen pantry can store all of your ingredients and tools. Use custom organizers to help you sort items and maximize space.

Organize the Cleaners

Sure you have every tool and cleaner imaginable to keep your kitchen looking spotless, but is the area you use to store them just as tidy? If your answer was no, then take a few minutes to analyze that area. Are there some items you simply don’t need? Or maybe, you can simply add in an adjustable shelf to double your space. Baskets and caddy’s can come in handy to help contain all of your items and keep them in a designated area.

Tackle the Utensils & Tools

Multiple spatulas, tongs, and wooden spoons tend to overcrowd many kitchen drawers. Go through and select the items you use most often. Put them in the “keep” pile. For everything else that looks a bit worse for wear, it’s time to part with them. To cut down even further, consider if there’s a tool that can play double duty. If not, don’t feel guilty about keeping items you don’t use as often if it’s your one and only tool of the kind. Be sure to use dividers in drawers to prevent overcrowding.

Minimize the Cookbooks and Magazines

Another item that tends to clutter up a kitchen are cookbooks and magazines. If you have a few minutes, recycle magazines that you know you don’t need. For a more time intensive project, cut out recipes you want to try (especially if they’re not online) or copy recipes out of books onto recipe cards. Clear out cookbooks that are out of date and that you do not need. Consider creating a shelf in your kitchen to house your cookbooks and recipe cards. If you’re having issues, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. We’ll help create a perfect solution for your Boulder, CO home.

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