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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy (or Store) An Item

Choosing clothes in closet to store

Choosing clothes in closet to storeClutter is one of the key reasons why it is difficult to maintain a pristine home. After all of your hard work to clear out unnecessary items from your home, it’s smart to develop a plan to maintain your space. To stop clutter in its tracks, here are a few questions to consider asking yourself before you buy or store an item, from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado.

  1. Do I need it?

When we make purchases we are often in the rush of the moment and we don’t always stop to think if we actually need the item. While this questioning can’t occur for every single thing you buy, simply pausing to ask ourselves if we truly need an item in the majority of cases can help to lower the amount of “stuff” in our homes, leaving more room for items that we really love.

If you’ve already purchased an item and know you don’t need it, don’t feel bad about removing it from your home. Donating can help give items you don’t need a new life!

  1. Will I use it?

This question piggybacks off of the first one. It’s just not worth it to buy or store an item if you know you won’t use it or if it is unusable! Be discerning when it comes to new purchases. If you already have a functioning toaster oven, do you really need that fancy new toaster with the special slots for bagels? Or is it just shopping lust that will pass as soon as you’ve left the store? Think about whether you’ll actually use the item you’re considering buying, or whether that money could be better spent elsewhere. Most of the time, you won’t regret passing up an impulse buy, and if you really decide that you need it, it’ll still be on the shelf tomorrow!

  1. Will someone else find this valuable?

While you may not need or use an item, in some instances it makes sense to buy or store an item for someone else. If you are storing an item, such as an heirloom, be sure you have someone in mind that you know will find the piece useful and valuable. Your home should not become a storage unit for someone else.

  1. Is that the right storage bin?

Using the right storage bin or container can help to cut down on the clutter. Having the right sized storage bins helps to eliminate filling them with unnecessary items while ensuring that you have enough room for everything you want to keep. Storage bins are best left to purchase at the end of your organization project, that way you’ll know exactly how many items you need to store.

  1. Will I be able to find it?

Storing your items will not be useful if you cannot find them. Be sure you have an organizational system in place that fits your needs and helps you find things when you need them. Labeling is also recommended, as it will save you time; you won’t have to pull down and search through each box to find something in particular. Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver can help you create the perfect solution for your needs to not only help you get organized but also stay organized.

While clutter inevitably happens, we hope these tips can help you on your way to minimize it. An organized home can help to relieve stress and provide more space for you and your family. If you need help, don’t forget to give us a call and we’ll have your home organized for all your needs in no time.

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