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5 Steps for a Garage Makeover

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custom garage cabinets Denver

custom garage cabinets DenverIs your garage layout all that it could be, or has it become inefficient or perhaps even a safety hazard to your family? Spring is the season of getting organized, and April is National Garage Reorganization Month. It’s the perfect time to revisit your current layout and consider adding custom garage storage solutions.

Give your Denver garage a makeover with these five tips.

1. Create a Clean Slate

A blank canvas opens up endless possibilities. Begin by emptying out everything in your garage so that you can start fresh. Choose a weekend or two when the weather is good. This way you’ll be able to use your driveway for storage as you reorganize your garage. 

2. Refresh the Space

Thoroughly sweep and clean the garage, and knock dust and webs from the rafters. Consider painting the walls and floor for a refreshed look. Painting the floor is easier than you might think and can refine the look of a garage interior significantly.

3. Assess Your Belongings

Do you really want to keep that Slip n’ Slide or set of lawn jarts for another decade? Make some decisions about the contents of your garage so that you don’t waste storage space on extraneous items. Create piles of items to be sold, donated, discarded, or recycled. Keep only what is essential. 

4. Plan and Delineate

Next, decide how you will put your garage contents back and come up with an optimal plan. Consider logistics, entrances, safety, and where the car will be parked when making these decisions. Position items that are most frequently used in the most accessible spots. For example, keep lightbulbs, extra paper towels, and other supplies on shelves that you can reach. Seasonal decorations or sporting goods can be stored on harder to reach shelves.

5. Add Modern Storage Solutions

Custom garage cabinets and storage systems can assist you in getting fully organized and staying that way. From drawers to built-in shelving to accessories and cabinets, you can have the modern, organized garage you’ve always dreamed of. Pegs for hanging tools, rakes, and other larger items can help keep these items out of the way but easily accessible. Use stackable bins with covers to store smaller items.

An organized garage is well within reach, and Spring is the ideal season for making it happen. Don’t settle for a cluttered, disorganized or even unsafe garage. Get started with the Denver garage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts! Our team of designers and installers are ready to help you tackle your storage project. 

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