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5 Ways to Declutter to Prepare for Winter

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A stack of warm clothes on windowsill

A stack of winter clothes on windowsillMany people associate winter with hitting the slopes or settling in during cold days and evenings. Before the winter weather sets in, organize and declutter these areas (a task that you’ve likely been putting off).

1. Entryways and Mudrooms

This area will be important to your family as they trudge in and out of the cold weather and in some cases, snow, sleet, and ice. First, pack away the sandals, flip-flops, and summer footwear. Next, create an organized space for wet or snowy boots and shoes so that the rest of your house stays clean and tidy. A tray or partitioned box can be ideal for organized winter footwear storage.

2. Hall Closets

You’ll need more space for bulky winter coats and accessories, so prepare your hallway closet accordingly. Store or rotate lighter jackets to make room for parkas, heavier coats, snow pants, and down-filled vests. Consider custom closet organization to optimize your hallway closet for every season, including optimal storage of the items you don’t need in each season. 

3. Winter Accessory Storage

Devise creative ways to store all those winter weather accessories including gloves, hats, and scarves. Shoe organizers and cubbies can work well, but so can a sleek drawer system. Adding a pullout hooks in your custom closet or using shelf or drawer dividers can optimize your space and ensures that you don’t lose track of a glove or favorite hat.

4. Linen Closets

It’s also time to rotate out summer linens with warmer, heavier winter items. Lighter cotton varieties can be replaced by cozy flannel sheets. There are few things better than a thick, warm comforter to snuggle up in at night. As you make the switch, assess your linen closet and organize its contents. Take this opportunity to purge expired makeup and healthcare products in your linen closet and bathroom vanity as well. 

Customized kitchen pantry cabinets Denver

5. Kitchen Cabinets and Pantry

Get ready for winter cooking and baking by doing a full reorganization of your kitchen. Make sure the crockpot and bread making machine are close at hand. Bring out your favorite holiday baking sheets and cookie tins.

Sort and arrange your pantry and spice cabinet so you have easy access to all that you’ll need for winter cooking and baking. Soups, hot cocoa and an array of teas should be right at your fingertips. Check expiration dates and discard items accordingly. Creative pantry and cabinet storage solutions will make any holiday meals you make a breeze.

Closet & Storage Concepts here in Denver is highly experienced in creating custom storage and organizational solutions that will prepare you for winter. We look forward to assisting you for all of your unique storage needs.

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