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6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozier

Organized bedroom photo by Emily May

Bedroom photo by Emily May.
Winter is here and it won’t be getting warmer for a while in Denver, Colorado. You may love your bed, but what about your bedroom? Are you happy with it or do you wish it were a little more winter-friendly? If you’re looking for a way to make it cozier, Closet and Storage Concepts is here to help.

A Fireplace

If your apartment or home wasn’t built with a fireplace then you’re not out of luck! Electric fireplaces can be relatively inexpensive and can make cold Saturday mornings much more enjoyable. There are many different kinds of fireplaces that you can install in your bedroom. However, fireplaces require a lot of room you may not have. If your bedroom is lacking the space, consider simply projecting a fireplace image onto your TV. To create even more storage space in your bedroom, consider a custom closet system.

An Area Rug

This is especially helpful if you have tile or hardwood in your room. A large area rug under your bed can provide you with much needed comfort right when you wake up. Choose a softer and plusher rug material if you already have carpet in your bedroom.

Add Some Curtains

Many bedrooms just have blinds, and blinds do nothing to add atmosphere to your bedroom or help keep the cold out. Just remember that some types of curtains will only make your room look, and not feel, cozier. So if you do want curtains for the purpose of keeping out the cold, it’s best to buy thermal curtains or curtains designed to keep your room warmer.


Hanging some string lights above your bed or along the walls, can add beauty and subtle warmth to your bedroom! These can be white or colored, but a white light is probably the better option for year-round decorations. You can get as creative as you like with the lights, like using them to create a makeshift headboard!

Start with Your Bed

Down comforters can look fancy, are lightweight, and keep you warm. You can also try using blankets to keep you warm during the Denver winters and make your room look more lively and colorful. Layer two or three blankets on your bed for added texture and interest. Knit blankets are a beautiful and cozy winter option. If your current bed takes up too much space and you want more functionality in your bedroom, then consider a Murphy bed. This can work particularly well in a children’s room.

Add Some Pillows

It’s amazing how much pillows can make you feel warm and comfortable, so get more than you need! Even if you only sleep on one or two pillows, buying a few more can add some comfort to your wintery nights. Decorative pillows are an easy way to change up the look of your bedroom. If you find that you’re running out of linen storage space, try using storage ottomans or clear out your closets.

If you want professional help making your bedroom the best it can be in terms of design and storage, call Closet and Storage Concepts of Colorado! We’ll schedule a free design consultation for you, or you can visit our showroom in Longmont, CO.

Photo by Emily May of Go Haus Go, used under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 2.0).