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A Minimalist Approach To The Holidays

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Holiday Decorations

There is a misconception that minimalists are Grinches when celebrating the holidays. No gifts, no buying, no fun–That’s not true! The Holiday season is fabulous for feasting, family time, and exchanging gifts. Learn about 3 ways to have minimalist, merry holidays.

Properly Store Holiday Decorations

There is no shame in buying one or two new decorations when the Holidays roll around. Some ornaments and trinkets are too cute to say ‘no’ to, but buying a whole new inventory year-to-year is not sustainable. Appropriately storing holiday decor can prevent your items from getting overly dusty and breaking over time. Most people prefer to use storage bins, but those bins often end up in large stacks in a shed. To alleviate the pressure of stacking, consider installing ceiling tracks for storage bins in your garage. Adding cabinetry can also help you further divide your decorations for ease of access. We suggest getting help from design specialists to maximize your storage space.

Gift Experiences

If you want to extend your minimalist practice to gift-giving, try giving an experience instead of a physical item. This also takes the guesswork out of picking out a gift. Matching aesthetics can be so difficult in a time where trends shift so quickly. Try getting someone concert tickets, buying a masterclass for their favorite hobby, or taking them on a day trip somewhere they’ve wanted to go. Experiences can strengthen relationships more than a physical gift–they might even be the most memorable gift ever received.

Fight Holiday Clutter with Custom Furnishings

One of the essential principles of minimalism is to be intentional with your items. The best way to do that is to have home furnishings that work for you instead of buying things that work for your storage. The right organizational system can help you decide what items serve the greatest purpose. You will notice the most significant difference during the holidays when there is an influx of things that are hard to get rid of because they were gifts. Custom solutions will help you rotate through your items to help you identify those you don’t commonly reach for.

Our design consultants at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado design home furnishings that take the stress out of holidays so you can enjoy the happiest time of the year with the people you love in a space you love. Book a complimentary consultation on our website or give us a quick call.