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A Simple Guide To A Wrinkle-Free Closet

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Have you ever skipped out on wearing a shirt because you had to iron it? Don’t worry–you’re not alone. Avoiding the ironing board might not be a reality for most people, but we’ve come up with ways to keep your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible.

Prepare Your Clothing

Cotton and Linen fabrics are the most prone to wrinkles, making ironing almost unavoidable. Set aside time one day out of the week to iron your shirts before putting them in the closet instead of rushing to finish one shirt in the morning. You can find several starch solutions at the grocery store designed to add sturdiness to frabrics. If it’s laundry day, you’re in luck. Moisture and heat are the perfect combinations to smooth the creases on clothes. Put your clothes onto hangers immediately after drying, when they are still warm, to encourage the fabric to hold its shape. You can also give them a quick shake to fully separate the fabric.

Avoid Overcrowding

If you are already in the practice of de-wrinkling your items before storing them, but you still end up pulling out a shirt covered with creases, you may have overcrowded your space. Consider clearing your closet of any unused items. This process may be time-consuming if you decide to tackle it all in one go, so we recommend starting with removing just a few pieces. Every couple of weeks, assess which items you are unlikely to wear to help decide another two things to take away. Stop this process once you feel happy with every blouse, pant, and jacket.

Integrate Highly-Functional Custom Furnishings

Optimize your space by choosing custom furnishing depending on your wardrobe. If you have various formal items, you may want to consider having more hanging space. Hanging uses gravity to keep the shape of your fabrics. It also saves you folding time. For most casual styles, you may consider integrating more drawers where you can roll clothing slightly more resistant to creasing. If you can’t seem to avoid ironing or if you like it, you may benefit from having an easily accessible ironing board installed in your closet for the days you are in a pinch for time!

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