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A Well-Organized Pantry To Cut Food Waste

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Well-organized pantry

Effective storage and organization are key to reducing food waste. When food ends up in landfills, it creates methane –a very powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Let’s talk about the many benefits of a well-organized pantry!

Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado won’t handle your food items, but we will help you create a pantry design to enhance your efforts to organize.

Clear Out Your Pantry

The first step in any organizational journey is to clean out your pantry. During this process, recognize what is working for you and what isn’t. For example, if you find old cans buried in the back of your pantry, either you are buying items you don’t need or your space isn’t working for you. Good storage should help you make the most of your foodstuffs.

Create a Snack Station

Everyone loves a snack –especially kids. They’re just not always careful when closing boxes and large bags. Nothing is worse than grabbing your family-size chip bag and biting into a stale chip. The rest of the chip bag will sadly end up in the bin. Tackle this problem by making a snack station. Use pull-out baskets or drawers that are low to the ground to keep individually-packaged goodies. This makes snack-time hands-free for you, and it portions food. Say goodbye to stale chips.

Buy In Bulk

Bulk items are fantastic. The bulk section of your grocery store is a great choice to help reduce waste. You can take your own container or pick one up from the store. Shopping the bulk bins will give you the flexibility of buying the exact amount of the ingredients you need. Whether you have small or large jars, we will find storage for your pantry to keep bulk items well-organized.

Make life easier with custom pantry storage. Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado is committed to providing you with a seamless consultation, design, and installation experience.