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Benefits of a Murphy Bed in Your Home

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Custom Home Office Desk Bed Colorado

Custom Murphy Bed Colorado DenverFor my homes in the greater Denver area, space can be limited and it’s hard to fit everything you want and need in your house. You might not be able to find dedicated space for a home office, for instance, because the design of many contemporary homes features large open spaces on the ground floor and a limited number of bedrooms above. And for those living in urban environments, the cost of an apartment large enough to have a spare room is prohibitive — if you can even find such a thing in the first place.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to free up space in your home and enjoy multi-functional living areas. Read on to learn about the space-saving benefits of a Murphy bed.

Create Floor Space in Your Child’s Bedroom

Lofts are great for freeing up space in an older child’s bedroom. But if you don’t like the aesthetic, or you’re afraid of younger children injuring themselves, a Murphy bed is a great space-saving alternative. The bed provides all the cozy appeal of a traditional bed when it’s down, and when it’s up your child has enough room to play games and entertain friends. It’s easy enough for young children to operate on their own and can help teach them about the importance of tidying up and making your bed every day. If there’s only space for either using the bed or playing at one time, they will learn how to make their bedroom easy to use every day. 

Custom Home Office Desk Bed ColoradoMake a Home Office/Guest Bedroom Hybrid that Works

No one wants a bed in their home office, and having a sofa crammed in with your desk and office storage can undermine the professional look you were trying to achieve. Designing a custom wall unit complete a desk and a Murphy bed is a great solution for people who want to work in a productive space yet at the same time wish to provide guests with privacy. We can customize desks and Murphy beds to retain an elegant and functional feel in your space. 

Give Your Guests a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Not everyone has space in their home for a guest bedroom. Instead, many resort to using a convertible sofa in the common area of the house for guests who spend the night. The problem with this solution is pullout sofas are often uncomfortable, and they can be an embarrassing mess, especially if you allow pets on them. A Murphy bed takes up a little wall space, but it give your guests a clean, comfortable place to sleep when they arrive.

Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado is a premier retailer of Murphy beds in the United States. Contact us today if you have questions about how to incorporate this great solution in your home or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert design specialists.