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Best Organizing Projects for the Summer

Organized minimal kids bedroom

In the heat and relaxing afternoons of summer, it is difficult to imagine that anyone would want to be organizing and cleaning their home. However, at Closet & Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado we think almost any time is a great time to start an organization project. Here are three options to consider this summer. close up of cleaning fridge shelves

  1. Clean Out Your Fridge And Freezer

Cleaning out your fridge and freezer may seem like a chore, but it’s actually a great excuse to stay cool in the summer heat while cleaning out your home at the same time!

As you clean out your fridge, be sure to look into drawers and along the door cubbies. Clear out any items that you may have forgotten about which are now less than edible. Be sure to toss expired items, particularly dairy and meat products to reduce foodborne illness. Give your fridge and freezer a good scrub and make adjustments so you can fit more items in, and use your space more efficiently. Always remember, a good organization strategy is one that is customized to your lifestyle.

Once you’ve cleaned, organized, and re-arranged your fridge and freezer don’t forget to treat yourself. Ice cream is a great post-organization treat on a warm day!

  1. Update Your Pantry

Continue the kitchen theme by updating and organizing your pantry. Cleaning and organizing the areas where you store your food and drinks is a great way to stay cool indoors and prepare for summer entertaining. The pantry is just like any area of your home that may be neglected and needs to undergo some seasonal love. Be sure to donate or discard items that you are not able to use, whether it is food or food storage containers.

As with your fridge and freezer, be sure to use and create an organizational system that works for you. Utilize bins, racks, and shelves to fit the contents of your pantry. If you need a bit of help to find the best solution, don’t hesitate to call Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver. We work with you to create custom organization solutions.

Organized minimal kids bedroom

  1. Kid’s Room

As kids start summer break, you are probably looking for ways to keep them busy. You can keep them out of trouble by letting them help you get your home organized! No matter if you’re looking to clean up closets and rooms full of clothes, books, or crafts, a little effort can go a long way. Go through the leftover school supplies to see what you can salvage and what should be thrown out. By doing this when it’s fresh on everyone’s minds, it will make things easier and faster. When September rolls around, you’ll be more prepared and won’t overbuy when it’s time to go back-to-school shopping.

While these three organization projects may not seem like much, completing them can help you and your family have a more enjoyable summer and can even prepare you for fall! Give Closet & Storage Concepts a call if you need help with an organization solution for any part of your home. Serving Denver, Longmont, and Boulder, we provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for every room!

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