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Best Ways to Incorporate Custom Built-Ins

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When it comes to storage, we love the saying “the more the merrier”. But for many households, finding a place to incorporate a new set of custom cabinets or shelves may be difficult. At Closet & Storage Concepts in Colorado, we specialize in providing storage solutions for homes of any size. Below are a few of our favorite ways to gracefully and stylishly incorporate custom built-ins into your Denver home.

Built-in cabinets around window

Window Seating

Some homeowners are lucky enough to have homes already equipped with bay windows. However, this luxury can be manufactured by customizing built-ins around any large window in your home. Include a seating ledge below the window with pull out drawers underneath, and frame the window with shelves to create an alcove. Not only will this space be functional, but it will also create a new design feature that fits beautifully in your home.

Under the Staircase

The space under a staircase can be difficult to use and daunting to organize. Custom shelves and drawers can fix this problem by fitting both the space and your needs. Consider replacing your cupboard with pull out drawers. These will both conceal and organize your possessions  and look great on the outside. You may prefer using custom shelving instead to display books or photos. This space has a lot of potential, so don’t let it go to waste!

Around the Fridge

Create more pantry space by building custom cabinets and shelves around your refrigerator. Use the space wisely to conserve room in your kitchen by putting cabinets above the fridge and by including a shelving unit flush along the side. You may even include pull out spice racks as an added storage accessory. A custom built-in can make your fridge look like it is part of your kitchen’s design rather than an awkward utility unit stranded at the end of the counter.

custom cabinet built-ins denver

Creating Room Dividers

If you have a large space that could use a bit of dividing, custom-built shelving could be your solution. Extend a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf out from the wall to create a divide that can be filled with your favorite books or decorations. This will not only create separate spaces in the rooms where you need them but will also be a unique way to store your items.

Get Started Today

Built-ins can be used in far more spaces than around your TV or in your home office. Use the ideas above to get organized and bring a fresh design into your Denver home. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts in Colorado for a free design consultation to get started!


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