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Best Ways to Sell Your Closet

Woman holding a pile of clothes


Woman holding a pile of clothesAt Closet & Storage Concepts, serving Denver, Longmont, and all of Colorado, we create storage solutions to help keep your home and life organized. Closets are just one of our product focuses and we want to help you get the most of them. Did you know you could make money from the clothes that you want to give away? Here are some great ways you can purge your items and make some money from them! 

Garage Sale

A good old-fashioned garage sale is an easy way to sell unwanted clothes before they head off to a thrift store or donation center. This is also a great way if you have plenty of items to give away in addition to clothes and accessories. If you need tips for a successful garage sale, be sure to check out this blog post.

Consignment Shops

Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and other more specialized stores are other popular methods for selling your clothes and accessories. Some shops may be more specific in what they are looking for and certain items will give you a bigger payout, so some research ahead of time might be good to increase the size of your earnings.


It may have been designed to connect family and friends, but it’s also a great way to help you sell your closet. With many different groups that are created to list garage sales or to sell certain items, harness your social network. The new Marketplace section is another easy place to sell your items. With friend discounts, you may not get the best deal, but it’s still a great way to clear out the clutter.


Arguably one of the easiest ways to sell your closet is with apps and websites including Vinted, ThredUP, and Poshmark. All you need is a tablet or smartphone. There are a number of selling points to each app but all of them can help you clear out room in your closet while also making a little cash. Some of the apps allow you to take pictures of your items and create your own price and the company usually takes a percentage of the cut, or you can send in all of your gently worn items and let the company do all the work – you just take the payout. You should also be aware that a few of the apps are more selective in terms of the quality and brands that they take or allow you to list. For even more options, simply search on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

While these options may not guarantee that every item that you are purging will get sold, it will help you earn a little cash for your items. Donate any unsold items to a local charity shop for a clean new closet. You can even put your earnings towards customized storage solutions to keep your closet organized. Trust Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado to help you create the home of your dreams today, starting with your organization systems! Call today for your free in-home consultation, or stop by our showroom in Longmont

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