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Custom Closet Features to Consider

Designing a custom closet can be an incredibly fun process when you have the right team of professionals helping you out. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we can talk to you about the specific needs and limitations of your space and design the perfect custom closet that gives you everything you’re looking for. To…

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Conquer Closet Clutter: Donations

Donation clothing box

Is it hard to make your way through your crowded bedroom closet? Is it difficult to find clothing when you’re in a hurry? In many cases, disorganized and cluttered closets are the culprits, making it impossible to maximize your available space. To that end, many Colorado families have a tradition of spring cleaning where they get…

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Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Closet Organization

One of the biggest barriers for most people when it comes to closet reorganization is the investment of time: if you spend a couple of hours planning and prepping, and then you take two more hours to go out and shop for supplies, your day is already over before you can come home and finally…

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Closet Storage Hacks for Jewelry & Small Items

Even if you have a well-organized closet, finding a way to keep track of smaller items can be a challenge. When it comes to earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, and other tiny trinkets – not to mention whatever knick-knacks your partner might have – it may feel like a miracle when you actually find the one…

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Best Ways to Incorporate Custom Built-Ins

When it comes to storage, we love the saying “the more the merrier”. But for many households, finding a place to incorporate a new set of custom cabinets or shelves may be difficult. At Closet & Storage Concepts in Colorado, we specialize in providing storage solutions for homes of any size. Below are a few…

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Why NOT to do a Capsule Wardrobe

Tshirt hanging on brick wall

In the past, we’ve advocated for capsule wardrobes because they can help people streamline their wardrobes. Capsule wardrobes also help reduce impulse buys and clutter in your closet. But they aren’t for everyone. We’ll discuss a few of theses reasons below. Keep on reading to find out more! The Weather and Seasons Although the weather can…

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How To Get the Kids’ Closets Organized This Summer

Organized Closet Kids Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado

School is almost out in Denver, and in addition to camps, sports leagues, and family vacations, we’re sure you want to get some projects done around the house this summer. To help get the next school year off to a smooth start, our design experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado would suggest making the…

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Why Capsule Wardrobes Work

Mens capsule wardrobe

If you’ve always been curious about capsule wardrobes, Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado is here to help. We’ll give you more information and explain why many people are using them as a long-term solution to their storage problems. Before we dive in, let’s explain what a capsule wardrobe is. First coined by London…

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Why Your Closet Will Never Be Clutter Free

If you’re like many of our previous clients, you think you may have tried everything to de-clutter your closet, yet you never seem to get your closet the way you’d like. However, the team here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Denver, Colorado wants to teach you how to get a clutter free closet! Use…

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Best Ways to Sell Your Closet

  At Closet & Storage Concepts, serving Denver, Longmont, and all of Colorado, we create storage solutions to help keep your home and life organized. Closets are just one of our product focuses and we want to help you get the most of them. Did you know you could make money from the clothes that…

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