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Tips from Small Spaces for Those with Bigger Homes

Even though some cannot imagine living in a space that is essentially as big as their closets, there is a definite trend, or mocking (see Portlandia’s “Microhouse” segment, although it may not be suitable for younger viewers) of tiny home living. While it is not for everyone, there are some definite tips and tricks that…

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Where to Find Home Organization Inspiration

If you're unsure of how to tackle your home's storage problems, or you want to get out of your decor style rut, looking through blogs, Pinterest, Houzz, or magazines can help. Get inspired by some of our favorite home organization resources from around the web! Pinterest Pinterest is a goldmine for inspiration of all types…

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Holiday Décor Storage Tips

Now that the holidays are coming to a close, you are probably thinking about taking down your decorations and packing them back up until next year. A good storage system is crucial to keeping your holiday decorations organized. There’s nothing worse than opening up boxes from last year and facing a tangle of lights or…

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Guest Room Design Tips

Bright organized guest room design Denver

The holidays are officially here, which means many people are expecting houseguests in the near future. If you have family or friends visiting your Denver home, it’s time to get your guest room ready for their arrival! Read on for our tips on creating a welcoming, well-organized guest room. Step One: Clean Up First, take…

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Designing a Multi-Use Room

Contemporary custom closet Murphy bed

Many homeowners would love to have unlimited space in their home. Having enough rooms to accommodate a separate office, game room, media room, play room, guest room, and any other room you can think of would be an ideal situation. However, this usually isn’t reality for most people. When space is limited, making smart use…

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Tips for Mudroom Design

A mudroom can be an incredibly useful space in your Denver home. Serving as a connection between the indoors and the outdoors, this area often sees a lot of use and, if managed well, can serve as a functional storage area. Here are some considerations to make sure you’re getting the most out of your…

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Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, we know many homeowners in Colorado are expecting houseguests in the near future. It’s important to take some time to prepare your home for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Read on for tips on getting organized for the holidays! Before you break out all your decorations,…

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Getting the Most from Your Home Office

  A home office can be a great asset to any home. It provides a place to complete work, homework, craft projects and more. However, home offices can easily become cluttered and messy. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips on getting the most from your home office space. De-clutter De-cluttering is one of…

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Tips for Decorating On a Budget

Here at Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado, we know that budgets can sometimes be tight. Even if you aren’t short on cash at the moment, there’s no reason not to spend money smartly. That’s why we assembled some of our favorite tips for decorating your home on a budget. Craig and His List Are…

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