Make Room for Life


Creating a Peaceful Night’s Rest

If you ever feel like you need a better night’s sleep, but can’t seem to get it, Closet & Storage Concepts Colorado is here to help with some tips! A good night of sleep will help you to recharge and be productive the next morning. Declutter & Cut Out Clutter is often thought as invading…

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7 Easy Tips for an Organized Pantry

Pantry storage cabinets in Denver

Toss expired items: That box of cereal that expired three months ago? Time to throw it out! Free up valuable pantry space by spending five minutes every month clearing out any expired or old food.   Eliminate duplicates: There’s no need to have four partially used bags of flour in your pantry! Consolidate duplicate items into…

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Living Room Organization Tips

custom traditional media center Denver

The living room is the gathering place in many homes. Keeping it organized can be a challenge because it often serves many different functions, from a sitting room when guests come over to a TV/entertainment room. At Closet & Storage Concepts, our specialty is helping you keep your home organized, so we’ve put together a…

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Tips for an Organized Morning

We know mornings are hectic! With school buses to catch, meetings to attend, and pets to be fed, it can feel like you’ve run a marathon by the time mid-morning comes around. Our Denver team is here to share a few easy tips for streamlining and organizing your morning routine. Be strategic with your storage…

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